Wild Life

Fursuits a'poppin!

New Website and Tumblr Rejiggering! Please Read

Holy smokes! We just launched a Real Website: www.wild—-life.com You can see costumes past, present and future and do… website stuff. Honestly not much that you can’t see here, because we’re setting it up to automatically echo our News updates to thee olde tumblr. However:

Please surf to wild—-life.tumblr.com and make sure to follow us there. We rejiggered something on the backend of tumblr and, I think, lost our followers (even though you’re thinking… how am I following this?) TRUST US. If you want to keep receiving Wild Life tumblr updates, do what we just dun said. You are now following americanwildlife.tumblr.com and we ain’t gonna post thurr no more. Sorry for the inconvenience. 


New studio! New tumblr! New costume! We just found a happy home for our first (of three, so far) hyena. Feast yr hungry eyes!